Ukraine Denmark Energy Centre

a bilateral government cooperation on strategic energy planning

Output 5 NREAP

Output 5

Support for implementation of current National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP) till 2020 and development of new NREAP till 2035 with its implementation stages.

Output indicator 5

  • Progress in the establishment of the regulatory framework, feasibility studies and incentive structures for the development of renewable energy market.
  • Development of new incentives for stimulation of combined heat and electricity production from renewable energy sources and waste.
  • Strategic energy planning on local level, development of pilot projects. Recommendations on district heating planning and project proposals related to networks rehabilitation/expansions.




  • National Renewable Energy Action Plan ending by 2020; new targets need to be established.


Year 1.5


  • Establishment of new targets for NREAP till 2035 with action plan and implementation stages developed


Year 3


  • Monitoring system on implementation of NREAP created.