Ukraine Denmark Energy Centre

a bilateral government cooperation on strategic energy planning

Ukraine Denmark Energy Center II

The first phase of the UDEC government cooperation which started in 2015 was completed in December 2017. The cooperation continues in phase II for the next three years until end of 2020. The government agreement on the continued cooperation between the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark was signed 27 February 2018. The Danish support to UDEC II is part of the Danish Neighbourhood Programme (DANEP) 2017-2021 and the DANEP Country Programme for Ukraine, under the thematic pillar on Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Growth. The UDEC II cooperation is agreed for the three years 2018-2020. The 20 MDKK program has one development engagement ‘Strengthening the enabling environment for sustainable energy investment’ – consisting of six outputs. The budget includes assistance from the DEA and external consultants. Provision of technical assistance from external consultants will be procured through a framework agreement with an international consultancy signed in December 2017. The project was registered as TA project in the Ukrainian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade 23 May 2018. The Project Steering Committee is chaired by the Ukrainian minister and vice chaired by the Danish Ambassador Ruben Madsen.

Main activities of the Project:

  • Support to implementation of New Energy Strategy of Ukraine till 2035.
  • System for short-term forecast modelling and software developed in accordance with international best practice.
  • Tools for integration of Renewable Energy, a system for short-term forecast of production from wind and solar PV and support to development of wind measuring infrastructure, as well as general support to Ukraine’s efforts to converge its electricity market regulation to that of the EU
  • “One stop shop” project development platform supported under the umbrella of SAEE with Ukrainian-Danish expertise.
  • Support for implementation of current National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP) till 2020 and development of new NREAP till 2035 with its implementation stages.
  • Support for implementation of current National Energy Efficiency Action Plan till 2020 (NEEAP) and support for development of New NEEAP till 2035.