Ukraine Denmark Energy Centre

a bilateral government cooperation on strategic energy planning


Output 1&5: Methodology for long-term forecast modelling of the national energy/Methodology for energy scenario analysis

Output 2: Methodology for greenhouse gas inventory and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) reporting

Output 3: Monitoring system for energy efficiency  

  • Report on development of the draft methodology for monitoring of EE indicators for all subsectors like households, transport, agriculture and service sector, September 2017
  • Report on summarizing the draft methodology including IEA recommendations, December 2017
  • Report on development of energy and GHG emissions tax and financing of energy efficiency for industry, proposals for legislative amendments to Ukrainian legislation, December 2017
  • Report on development of Voluntary agreement scheme for manufacturing industry in Ukraine, December 2017


Output 4: Development of Tools for balancing RE generation in regional grids.

  • Report on wind turbine production forecasting – a site visit and a Prediktor installation workshop, September 2017
  • Materials from Balancing workshop, October 2017


Output 6: Analysis of options for increased use of biomass, biogas and municipal waste for heat generation

  • Report on Analysis of Options for increased use of Renewable Energy in Heating Sector in Ukraine, December 2017
  • Report on strategic energy planning in 4 cities in Lviv region, December 2017
  • Report on update of the web page, December 2017



Output 1 Support Energy Strategy 2035

  • TIMES long-term modelling
  • SEIA of energy strategy action plans
  • Energy Data project

Output 2 Short-term forecasting

  • Installation of STREAM and training session for users in MoECI
  • Short-term balance tool based on international best practice

Output 3 Electricity market

  • Finalize assistance re short-term wind forecasting
  • Datahub Workshop
  • Proposal of tools and methodologies for system flexibility
  • Auction Mechanisms for new RES generation

Output 4 Support to SAEE ”One stop shop”

  • Further development of UAMAP
  • Pre-feasibility DH studies

Output 5 NREAP

  • Current status of implementation
  • Scenarios for new NREAP

Output 6 NEEAP

  • EE Incentive scheme for energy intensive industry
  • Monitoring and reporting system for new National Energy Efficiency Action Plan